Personal Career Agent Services @ QCI Technical Staffing – Modules

Module 1 – Resume writing

  • Includes an initial meeting to discuss your background, give you materials and individualized suggestions on how to write a resume that gets you represented the way you want.
  • Review the resume you write, helping with rewriting it for you based on our shared feedback.
  • Continued discussions until we have a resume you are comfortable with.

Module 2 – Overview of job search process

  • Includes an initial meeting with an overview of the job search process.
    • What you should expect at every part of the process
    • How you should organize your search
    • Positioning yourself
    • (Social) Networking – marketing yourself
    • Intro to resume writing if you did not sign up for module 1
    • Cover letters / thank you notes
    • How to work with recruiters / job boards / directly with companies
    • Materials will be given to you at this time
    • Follow up meetings to discuss various aspects of the job search process as it is needed by you.

Module 3 – Interviewing

  • Initial meeting to discuss interviews; what to expect, how to answer interview questions, how to handle money, skeletons, tough issues, how to stand out.
  • You will be given materials to help you in interviews.
  • Follow up meeting to discuss the materials that you have received and reviewed

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We realize that it is hard to spend money when you are unemployed; this is an excellent investment in yourself and at anytime if you are not satisfied we will return to you the cost of the first module. You can upgrade at any time from your initial purchased package to the entire package. Call Bill Quackenbush at 260-436-9797 x 3303 or email if you have questions or you wish to purchase one of these packages.