Why Use Outplacement Services @ QCI Technical Staffing?

In 2009, some companies will be faced with the unfortunate decision to let people go. Whether dealing with performance-based terminations of individual employees or mass downsizing, QCI Technical staffing can assist you. Our Outplacement Services help meet both your company’s strategic needs and ensure a smooth transition for your valued, displaced employees.

Our career counselors can hone the skills needed to conduct a successful job-search in your former employees. Our counseling program includes state of the art instruction in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, working with recruiters, job-market research, and negotiating job offers.

Why use outplacement as part of your layoff strategy?

  • To make things smooth and positive for your employees: Having direction after a layoff helps your employees focus on the future with optimism
  • To help maintain the moral of “the survivors”: A layoff can leave those left behind feeling shaken up and overworked. Giving your laid off employees access to outplacement services demonstrates that you did not take the layoffs lightly and shows they are part of a larger strategy.
  • To act as a good “corporate citizen: Outplacement can help reduce the length of time someone is unemployed and help reduce the effects of mass layoffs within the community.
  • To reduce the stress level of management: Using outplacement services makes the bad news management has to deliver more palatable.
  • To “do the right thing”: Most companies are run by compassionate human beings who want to make tough times easier on employees who have been loyal to them. They know their employees have skills they helped develop that can be put to good use in another setting.

For more information, contact us at (260) 436-9797. Our Outplacement Services are custom created packages prepared to meet each of our Client Company’s individual needs. Please contact us for a consultation.

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